Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews & Updated List 2020

Massage chairs are like a dream for people who spend all day standing or sitting in front of a computer. Not only will these relieve the pressure in your muscles, but they will too stimulate your blood circulation.

And the good news is, there are massage chairs available that are portable too.

A back massager is a one-time investment so we must make sure that we buy the right one.

Our Top Picks

High End
Stronglite Portable Ergo

Pro II

Budget Friendly
Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair

Best Portable Massage Chair List 2020:

best brand portable massage chair Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair.

best massage sit up chair Earthlite Vortex Portable Massage Chair.

best portable folding massage chair Stronglite Ergo Pro II.

best professional portable massage chair Giantex Portable Massage Chair.

best rated portable massage chair Earthlite Portable Massage Chair- Avila II.

best stretching chair massage Master Massage Bedford Portable Massage Chair.

best massage upright massage chair lowest price Therabuilt Apex Portable Therapy Chair.

best onsite chair massage chair NRG Grasshopper Adjustable Massage Chair.

best portabke massage chair for elderly Oakworks Portable chair 3.

best massage portable chair head rest Master Massage Professional.

Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews 2020:

1. Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair:

These have the thickest and largest pads among the products which are available in the market.

Best Portable Massage Chair

With just the light weight of 18 pounds, it is an amazing chair that fulfills all the requests of the clients.

It has wheels which makes it simpler to move the machine from one place to any other place. As the company makes only the leading massage chairs.

The company has detailed the massage chair with the features which are not accessible within the standard massage chair.

The pads are over-sized which are designed such that the support the bodies of all sorts, counting the heavyweight clients. This knead chair is secure and long-lasting.

  • Has a wider seat.
  • Has wheeled carrying case.
  • Sturdy Lightweight
  • Limited Adjustments.
  • No setup information.

2. Earthlite Vortex Portable Massage Chair:

If you’re seeking out for a lightweight massage chair, Earthlite Vortex is one of the unique models in the market.

best brand portable massage chair

At the same time, it gives all the comfort and proficient standards of its competitors. It’s moreover one of the most practical chairs to use.

It is easy to set up, practical to bring with you anywhere you go, and very comfortable to use.

It comes with a carrying case with padded strap to make it even easier to carry.

The Vortex has flexible face support, armrest, seat height, and chest support height.

Pregnant ladies can also adjust in it with the included sternum cushion that straps on for stability. For a few individuals, that’s completely worth it for the flexibility.

  • Lightweight and Adjustable.
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and a three-year warranty on upholstery and cushion.
  • Its armrest is a bit low.
  • Weight capacity is too low.

3. Stronglite Ergo Pro II:

It is lightweight yet very reliable. Its weight capacity is up to 600 lbs, that is why it is great for heavier people.

best massage folding chair

You’ll be able to alter the height of the chair as per your preference.

Adjusting too improves comfort.

You’ll be able to change the tallness of the chair since of its adjustable legs.

Stronglite Ergo-Pro II has an appealing plan; it is basic to utilize and user-friendly.

Also, it comes with adjustable pads. It’s very flexible so you can easily set it up and fold it.

  • Easily adjustable.
  • Easy to carry and store.
  • Pregnancy pad not included.
  • More costly than other models.

4. Giantex Portable Massage Chair:

There are times when we lean toward getting ready to utilize things straight out of the box and in this case this massage chair is the best option because it is easy to setup.

best massage chair portable

It’s lightweight and simple to set up which is extraordinary if you’re continuously on the move.

I come with a carrying case too. Giantex focuses on proficiency whereas still considering comfortability.

This seat has a multi-tap adjusting system for the seat, armrest, chest cushion, and head back.

Also, the pad on this chair is somewhat more extensive to supply a better level of comfort.

  • Easy to setup.
  • Pre-assembled.
  • Easy Storage.
  • Carrying case included
  • Limited head adjustment option.
  • Carry bag is not durable.

5. Earthlite Portable Massage Chair- Avila II:

The Avila II by Earthlite tackles the incredible idea of including a luggage-style rolling carrying case to solve the transportability issue.

best massage portable chair

This convenient massage chair folds up amazingly compactly and the rolling case moreover contains a cushioned bear strap for when wheels aren’t useful.

For upgraded comfort, the massage chair has predominant cushioning. The pads are removable and easy to clean.

The Avila II depends on its ergonomic and versatile padding which is amazing, but that too implies that it only adjusts at three focuses:

the face support, chest bolster, and armrests. It comes with a sternum cushion, eyeglass pocket, which the leg supports are removable.

  • Adjustable.
  • It has various colors.
  • Seat height is not adjustable.
  • A bit heavier.

6. Master Massage Bedford Portable Massage Chair:

This Bedford portable massage chair packs a durable aluminum outline, high adjustability, and durable upholstery for indeed the most requesting clients.

portable chair massager

It’s lightweight, but uncommonly extreme and has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds.

It is massively solid, No-mark wrapped up Frame- Electrostatically Powder Coated to avoid rust and scratches.

  • It is very lightweight.
  • It is easy to setup.
  • The chair lacks support for where the user puts their weight.
  • Head and knee rest may not be durable.

7. Therabuilt Apex Portable Therapy Chair:

It features a working weight of up to 250 pounds which is not bad.

portable massage chairs costco

Like the other chairs from other brands, its face support is adjustable and the pad can be segregated.

So when it comes to adjustability, the Therabuilt Apex convenient massage chair is the best.

The height can moreover be effortlessly changed and takes as it were less than a minute.

All you’ve got to do is release the handle and slide the bar up or down depending on how tall you need it.

  • Lightweight and adjustable.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Carrying case quality is not that much good.
  • Thin seat cushion.

8. NRG Grasshopper Adjustable Massage Chair:

Considered the best portable chair the NRG Grasshopper Flexible Massage Chair highlights simple, rich plan, great value, and the reviews are also great.

stretching massage chair

This chair can support a 300-pound maximum weight capacity.

The upholstery is made from delicate vinyl, which is safe to stains and simple to clean.

In this proficient versatile massage chair seat, chest, head, and armrests are all effortlessly movable, whereas the chair is simple to fold and to carry.

The Grasshopper offers proficient massage and is solid and simple to set up an arrangement for on-site massage.

  • Adjustable seat.
  • It can be cleaned easily.
  • Screws loosen if used roughly.
  • Height adjustability issue.

9. Oakworks Portable chair  3:

This model is ready with all the capabilities that an individual needs. It is compact, lightweight, stable, and incredibly comfortable.

portable chair massage

It has adjustable armrest and seat for excellent comfort.

Professional massage chairs in popular are adjustable, but the Portal Pro goes beyond that.

It comes with more options to raised cater to many heights.

 It is easy to carry so that you’ll use it almost anywhere you wish mainly that it additionally comes with an offset wheel and a convenient convey case.

 You furthermore don’t worry about it sporting out because it’s long-lasting black powder coating which is simple to hold still because it looks excellent.

  • Lightweight.
  • The chair permits 360-degree access to the thoracic, cervical, and lumbar spine.
  • The sternum cushions for pregnant clients are sold independently which are very expensive.
  • Not suitable for tall or heavy people.

10. Master Massage Professional:

The Professional is the ideal lightweight chair.

best massage portable massage chair

Its maximum weight capacity is 1000 lbs.

This Master Rub Proficient Versatile Massage Chair is hard and compact.

It’s handcrafted using high-end materials and maintainable development processes including an Environmentally-Safe Finish and built to provide supplementary support amid massage treatment.

It moreover incorporates a session pocket, for the secure and helpful capacity of glasses and jewelry.

  • Lightweight and Adjustable.
  • Luggage-style carry case.
  • Comfortable.
  • Pocket for glasses and jewelry.
  • Folding it keep a copy may be a little tricky.
  • It is does not have a wheeled carry case.
  • It might not be suitable for tall users.


Complete Guide That Will Help You To Select The Best Portable Massage Chairs:


Diminish Stress 

A relaxing massage is an awesome way to unwind and de-stress.

Improve Circulation

Loosening muscles and ligaments allows increased blood flow all through the body.

Improving your circulation can have several positive impacts on the rest of your body, counting decreased weakness and pain management!

Anti-Pain Treatment

Massage treatment is awesome for working out issue zones like lower back torment and chronic stiffness.

Best for Diabetic patients 

Massage treatment has been prescribed for diabetes for many years making a difference to restore suitable use of insulin.

Dispose of Toxins 

Stimulating the delicate tissues of your body will help to discharge toxins through your blood.


Massage treatment will release and unwind your muscles, helping your body to become more flexible.

Helps with Depression 

Massages are suggested to help lower the stress level, eradicate discouragement, and improve weakness.

Depression alone leads to muscle weight and torment which can be troublesome to live with regularly and massage can help to unwind those muscles and torments.

Sound Sleep 

A massage will give relaxation and boost your disposition. Attending to bed with relaxed and loosened muscles advances more relaxing sleep, and you’ll fresh in the morning!

Improve Immunity

Stimulation of the lymph nodes re-charges the body’s normal defense system.

Improves Posture 

After spending a long day at work can result in poor posture massage will help you to relax and loosen the muscles and will allow the body to get into a pain-free pose.


No Need for an Appointment

After spending a long tiring day at work. Most of the people need a massage to relax but it’s not possible for them because of the time shortage or either they are not in the mood to drive a long way to the spa and then back to their home after the massage

Portable massage chairs are best for these people and also as they are portable too so they can also carry them easily.

Having a portable massage chair is like a dream for massage lovers.

Easy to Carry

Not only you can get a massage whenever you want but you can also carry it with you easily.

Most of the massage chairs come with a carry bag that makes it even easier for you to carry it.

It Helps You Get Clear Skin

Massage causes your skin to warm up, which improves blood circulation around the skin.

The nutrient absorption and flow around the skin increase with the improvement in blood circulation.

This helps to replace damaged cells, making newer cells quicker, giving you a lovely skin with fewer marks and pigmentation.

Improves Your Mood 

Studies suggested that how massages can offer assistance to the body release hormones.

These hormones like serotonin and endorphin are what help control your mood.

As a result of the hormone discharge, you’re feeling many ways better and more refreshed right after the massage.

One feels mental unwinding as the massage goes on.

Enhance the Digestion 

A portable massage chair can offer help boost digestion.

As a result, there’s a higher stream of food all through the digestive system.

This prevents the buildup of ancient food, decreasing disease, clogging, and gasses.

A normal knead can fortify both your safe and lymphatic system.

Advances Recovery

After you recover from wounds and incidents, it can be an upsetting handle since of the torment and inconvenience. Massage treatments from portable massage chairs offer torment easing amid the recovery plan, giving better rest and loosening up.

Improves mental health

With an adequate massage chair and the leading massage chair cushion, you are feeling indeed way better and looser.

Since the weight rolling around your head and body, it advanced better blood circulation to the brain. Boosts Mental Alertness and with the positive hormones being discharged, massages play a major role in improving your mental health and sharpness.

Prevent Injuries and Pain 

Unwinding on a Rubbing Chair at Home It diminishes the weight on your nerves because it adjusts your spine legitimately, unwinding muscles.

The quality portable massage chair decreases torment around particular parts of your body effectively.


There are many videos present on the internet on how to fold a portable massage chair.

Since different companies offer different designs and folding techniques so you can easily surf for your portable massage chair on the internet or can use the user manual that comes along with the chair.


Consider the thickness

Economy chairs regularly have a foam system comprising of two handles. One at the base is very thick whereas a softer and plusher layer is attached on.

Whereas this gives comfort for its expecting use, it can start to break down if it is in a steady daily use scenario.

Conversely, the higher conclusion chairs have taken into thought the requirement for the cushioning to resist consistent use, Using this same principle of layering, the layer closest to the base in case the thickest, whereas the center layer could be a bit more flexible. The top layer is frequently very rich and gives a luxurious feel to the users.

 Consider the frame

 How much is the weight capacity? Can it effortlessly go from working on children to working on adults? And make the decision wisely.

Consider the adjustability 

If you’re using this chair for everyday use, you’ll likely prefer a chair with capability of customizing the massage experience according to your weight, tallness, and build.

Ease of use

As well numerous levers and complicated sequences can make a portable massage chair awkward. The economy chairs are not very so complicated and can offer awesome ease once you are on the road. Less adjustment implies fewer handles and levers.

Look out for the package

Most portable massage chairs on the advertising are combined with a carry case for the security of the portable massage chair and ease in portability.

Price Range

Versatile massage chairs come in a wide range of costs. If you merely need it for periodic or domestic use, it makes little sense to go for the highest-priced model. But if you plan on using it weekly, you’ll want to consider investing in a model at a higher price point that comes with warranty. The slightest costly versatile massage chairs will nearly certainly be less tough.

From the budget friendly ones, you can expect a lighter-weight chair with thinner cushions and less adjustability- so, less comfort and adjustability.


One of the most important questions to inquire about yourself when shopping for a versatile massage chair is where and how you’ll use it. If this chair is for your home, at that point weight and bulk aren’t an issue but if you want a chair for its portability, you would like to pay more attention to this feature.

And If you need to travel to areas that require a parcel of strolling and carrying, you may certainly need to search for a lighter model that’s simpler to set up and fold.

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Benefits of using a portable massage chair during pregnancy

Everybody knows that pregnancy can be a stressful experience for any lady, indeed those at the peak of health. It changes one’s body and comes with a have of side impacts which will causeway of life changes, mood swings, or temporary torment to different parts of the body.  In addition, as the pregnancy comes to it’s later stages, the body can become immersed with torment because it balances the health of the infant with the functionality of its mother. Therefore, portable massage chairs can be an incredible help amid pregnancy.

  • Stress-Relief

A portable massage chair’s primary work is to remove stress from one’s body. Through the use of a chair’s massage points, which are usually arranged in key pressure focuses commonly-known to carry torment or pressure in one’s muscles. Pregnant ladies, particularly, can feel exceptionally stressed all through all of the changes their body undergoes.

  • Torment Invalidation

Sometimes, bodies ended up sore through effort and pregnant ladies are always doing this. Portable massage chairs can help soothe this torment through delicate utilize of their massaging focuses or their warming spaces, both of which unwind the body’s muscles and relieve painful places in the muscles.

  • Energy Preservation

Pregnant ladies will regularly get to rest, particularly towards the conclusion of their pregnancy. These chairs are great at giving comfortable places to rest for long periods of time. They’re awesome for resting in. After the infant is born, comfy portable massage chairs are an incredible put to nurse and rest with one’s newborn child.

When to use them

Since a woman’s body changes exceptionally definitely amid the process, there are times during the pregnancy in which it’s better or worse to enjoy in a few recreational relaxing.

The worse time to use them

  • First Trimester

A woman’s body changes in a large number of ways amid this stage of pregnancy and the chance for miscarriage is additionally the most elevated it’ll ever be. Subsequently, the stimulation of the body and its developing systems ought to be minimized. Even though the hazard of complications is low, specialists suggest avoiding the use of portable massage chairs amid the primary trimester.

  • Third Trimester

Whereas portable massage chairs are fine to utilize amid this period, a lady ought to avoid squeezing into a portable massage chair in case she finds that her stomach is as well huge.

Best time to use them

  • Second Trimester

Typically the most excellent time to utilize a great domestic portable massage chair, as the woman’s pregnancy is likely to be stable.

Possible side effects

However, although portable massage chairs can be great additions to your home sometime recently and after pregnancy, they do come with a number of potential side effects that need to be considered.

  • Premature Labor

 Whereas a rare event, the massage focuses can sometimes stimulate a lady into labor, in spite of the fact that this has only been known to happen whereas labor was imminent besides. The kneading of a heavily-pregnant woman’s body can cause reactions in her nervous system which trap it into starting the labor process.

  • Stomach Sickness

In some cases, the warming cushions and massage points can affect a woman’s nervous system the wrong way and make her feel sick.

The possible side impacts which may be endured by pregnant ladies are exceptionally minor and uncommon. 


As you’ll see, portable massage chairs are an incredible device to assist pregnant ladies to stay comfortable and stress-free amid their pregnancy.

However, care should be taken that these chairs are utilized capably and amid the proper months within the handle to avoid complications. Overall, most ladies will discover their massage chair encounters to be superb and relaxing.

With all of the portable massage chairs on the market, there are a few clear champs out there. Some offer a lightweight option additionally a high level of quality and uncommon comfort.

Whether you’re considering adding a portable chair massage to your collection do not think about it twice.


Are our portable massage chairs worth the money?

As most people think before purchasing a portable massage chair is whether the buy is worth the cost. The reply is yes since they give numerous benefits. Whether you're an athlete or not, physical wounds can reduce both your quality of life.

How do you move a portable massage chair?

The portable massage chairs are light-weight, foldable and most of them come with a carry bag.

Do portable massage chairs work?

As studies have appeared, versatile massage chairs have numerous benefits to help those influenced by back torment, pressure, or stretch from work. The flexibility, comfort, and money related savings of a portable rub chair make it a great expansion to any home as well as to progress your quality of life.

Do portable massage chairs have health benefits?

Massage chairs can reduce stretch, affecting your health, and increasing the natural effect on your overall wellbeing. Stretch can result in high blood pressure and poor appetite. Your portable massage chair can decrease the levels of cortisol in your body, which makes a difference to reduce issues with Blood pressure.


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