11 Best Massage Chairs To Buy In 2020 – (Reviews & Ultimate Guide)

Now, in today’s world, everyone has a busy and tiring life. Due to sticking to a regular schedule and working all day (mostly on Personal Computers) most people have developed back pain or joints pain.

We can agree that getting a massage after spending a long tiring day at work can help us relax. But even after that most people do not pay attention to it or cannot spare time to go to a massage parlor to relax their bodies.

But the good news is, now you do not need to go anywhere, you just need to order a massage chair and then you can relax at your home.

Massage chairs have different massage techniques and you can enjoy a warm massage. But finding a good massage chair is not that easy.

But wait, we have created this list of the best massage chairs of 2020 that can help you find the best massage chair for yourself.

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Our Top Picks

High End
Kahuna SM-9 000 Superior Massage Chair
Budget Friendly
RealRelax Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Favor-03

Top Massage Chair List 2020:

massage chairs reviews RealRelax Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Favor-03

the best massage chair in the world Kahuna SM-9 000 Superior Massage Chair

best massage chair for the money Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

top massage chairs Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300

massage armchair Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair.

best brand massage chair Ideal Massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair

best massage chair for home BestMassage® EC-06 Massage Chair

massage chair cheap Osaki OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair

best buy massage chair Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair

best massage chairs consumer reports Human Touch Novo XT2 Massage Chair

best massage chair ratings Ootori Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Best Massage Chair Reviews 2020:

1. RealRelax Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Favor-03:

The Real Relax massage chair is a budget-friendly model and it is good enough to be on top of this list. most comfortable chair

Even it is inexpensive but it has a number of similar features as other expensive models, also its performance is impressive and it can be the perfect pick for people who are not comfortable with investing more in a massage chair.

This chair has a heater built inside of the seat to promote blood circulation and improve metabolism and has great features and soothing massage techniques.

Even after being pocket friendly, it can provide a relaxing and cozy experience.

  • Foot roller massage feature.
  • Budget-Friendly.
  • Zero Gravity Function.
  • Repetitive massaging techniques.
  • Maybe too intense for some people.

2. Kahuna SM-9000 Superior Massage Chair:

This chair uses a 3D massage technique that follows the curvature of your back so that no muscle is left out. chair massage reviews

The SM-9000 is quiet, it has an advanced sliding mechanism that makes it easier to store. Also, the leg and foot covering can be removed for easy maintenance.

This is a handy massage chair, and it’s suitable for users of all body types. The massage chair also uses 6 infrared rollers to provide comfort to users.

In this machine, the arm massage area is covered with acupressure points. These points will offer a gripping feeling to your arms, enhancing the massage’s effects.

Also, the LED lights on the chair’s side panel provide a cozy environment when the lights are off.

  • SM-9000’s massage settings are nice and well optimized.
  • The 3D massage feature is great, and it will provide a comfortable and soothing experience.
  • You might encounter some difficulties when assembling this chair.
  • The remote cannot change the immersion and 3D depth.

3. Relaxonchair MK-II Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair:

Relaxonchair’s full-body massage chair is budget-friendly plus full-featured chair with three zero-gravity positions, it is great for the people reviews of massage chairswith back pain because it has built-in smart sensors that can give you the massage to the length of your spine and it has 3 levels of intensity.

The Relaxonchair model has 5 manual massage modes. The best thing is it has separate arm massagers and calf and foot massagers, plus 2 heating pads in the lower back.

You can either customize the massage of your choice or just sit back and the chair performs one of its 4 fully automatic programs that are comforting and enjoyable.

  • Pre-Programmed massages.
  • Different intensity levels.
  • Not space-saving.
  • A bit complicated remote.

4. Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300:

SM-7300 has highly advanced features with a relatively affordable price range. massage chair reviews

Not only this but also it has a great design featuring that allows the users to choose from two different colors including Black WG and Dark Brown/Black.

Another great thing about this chair is that it includes a great range of automatically preset features embedded within.

And for a manual massage experience, users can create their sessions by customizing the massage elements such as massage type, speed, and motion.

  • It is space-saving.
  • Allowance for continuous massage timing of 30-minutes.
  • User-friendly LCD remote controller.
  • It can accommodate users till the height mark of 6’5 feet.
  • Lacks a deep thigh-massage.
  • Heat therapy is only limited to the lower back seat.
  • The LED lights on the side cannot be switched off while the chair is being used.

5. Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair:

In this chair, several automatic programs are available, with massage timing as much as 30 minutes. heated massage chair

It is built according to the needs of an average user, Kahuna LM6800 has got it all to give a person relief from all the lower back pains.

Despite, the Kahuna’s massage chair is budget-friendly price than that of others, it has great features. Competing with its expensive counterparts, Kahuna succeded to provide deep relaxation to the users.

The chair has an L-Track design, thus ensuring a complete massage to the back and lower back areas.

Also, the massage chair has many other features. It is great when you want a massage for the basic needs, but you don’t want to go for the options on the higher end of the price range.

  • Heat transmitters are centrally located for the best results.
  • The massage chair has a separate holder for remotes etc.
  • A custom body-fit massage can be delivered to each user, with the aid of an inbuilt body scanner.
  • LM-6800 has special automated program called Yoga.
  • It is delivered unassembled and it can be a tiring task to set it up entirely.
  • The limited warranty is delivered.

6. Ideal Massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair:

As its name defines “ideal”. Another full-featured massage chair that is the pocket-friendly price is the ideal Luxury Massage Chair.

Users can enjoy the multiple zero-gravity positions and 3-D intelligent detect mode that are not typically not present at this price point. massage lounger

The ideal Massage chair uses built-in heat therapy and 4 manual massage modes plus 4 automatic programs to provide the user with the most comforting experience, in either half an hour or just 5 minutes.

One of the great qualities of this chair is its customizing feature. Users can adjust several features to experience the massage of their dreams.

This chair offers a truly head-to-toe massage.

Quiet operation technology allows this ideal chair to offer an overall more relaxing experience compared to noisy competitors.

  • Good price.
  • Users can customize speed, intensity, and airbags.
  • Remote beeps loudly.

7. Best Massage EC-06 Massage Chair:

The Best Massage EC06 also has the feature of auto massage up to a full 30 minutes. massage chairs pregnancy

This chair provides heat to the bottom of your feet, providing comfort.

Also, stretched foot helps accommodate users of different heights. Unlike many other massage chairs of similar price, the BestMassage EC06 rollers extend down to the lower back and up into the neck providing tension relief. The BestMassage EC06 offers four massage programs to provide better comfort.

Automatic recliner for ease of use

If you set the sleep function on the remote, the massage chair recliner remains in the reclined position even after your massage is complete.

  • Stretched footrest accommodates users of different heights.
  • Longest roller track at this price point.
  • Arm massage not suitable for muscular or heavier people.
  • No Zero Gravity Setting.

8. Oskai OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair:

Osaki OS-4000T provides the next-generation air massage technology that covers more surface area of your body for a more comforting and detailed massage. professional massage chair

Not only this, but it also has a feature is also has a reflexology foot roller, which is like a dream for users who spend a lot of time on their feet.

It is inexpensive but has extra features like a wireless remote and 6 pre-programmed massages offer full-body relaxation. Also, Zero-gravity positioning provides a detailed message.

  • Perfect for the foot massage.
  • 2 stages of zero-gravity.
  • It does not extend the rollers down to the glutes.
  • More perfect for users under 6 feet.

9. Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair:

This is the best technically-updated chair and has a great blend of features. best massage chairs in the world

The best part is it provides a variety of massages with changeable intensity levels so that you can adjust it according to yourself.

If you have pain in a specific area do not worry because it has a full-body scanning feature that uses the roller tracks can detect and concentrate on each problem area individually.

This chair is a complete relaxing package, it also has Bluetooth speakers and 100 air cells. Also, it has advanced intelligent sensors that even users up to 6’7” tall can customize massaging techniques.

  • Noise reduction technology.
  • Human voice response setting,
  • Body swivel with twist stretching.
  • Not space-saving.
  • A bit expensive.

10. Human Touch Novo XT2 Massage Chair:

Whether you are preparing for a workout, recovering from an injury, or winding down after a long day at work, the Novo XT2 is the perfect way to relax. The best thing about it is that it is space-efficient and a wall hanger, perfect for limited spaces. luxury massage chair

Space efficiency is something that this model scores on than most others.

Another best part is it comes with adjustable features for neck and shoulder massages with separate ones for your back and feet. It also offers zero-gravity massages along with a full-body stretch.

The Human Touch Novo XT2 massage chair provides a therapeutic massage that can be customized to fit your lifestyle so that you can enjoy and relax.

  • Good price.
  • It is a compact model that saves a lot of space.
  • Heat therapy in this massage chair is limited.

11. Ootori Zero Gravity Massage Chair:

Another pocket-friendly option is the Ootori Zero Gravity Massage Chair. Despite being inexpensive. leather massage chairs

It has many exciting features that include a foot roller and a built-in Bluetooth speaker for the ultimate in relaxation.

It offers three different stages of Zero Gravity. After spending all day at work give your spine a break by getting into the zero gravity position.

It also has 6 different massage and also automatic massage programs that have different massage methods to give you the most comforting massage experience.

Most of the massage chairs have 10-15 minute timed sessions of massage, but this chair can provide you up to 30 minutes before it automatically shuts off.

  • Less Expensive.
  • 30 Minute automatic massage programs.
  • It does not have extra advanced features.


Complete Guide That Will Help You To Select The Best Massage Chair :


Using a massage chair has numerous benefits. These chairs are extraordinarily planned to enhance your circulation and stretch your muscles, and they will give your body the vital alleviation after a long tiring day at work.


Massages can soothe your muscles and ease the torment. Massages work by improving blood circulation.

Ever since old times, individuals have been depending on massages to soothe their backs. As society advanced, individuals have been investing increasingly time sitting than standing, which is their typical posture. This is often where messages come in.

Most individuals these days deal with a few kinds of posture issues. A few of them indeed endure from postural push without knowing. This postural push frequently tends to show within the shoulder and neck range, and you might have felt a few distress in those ranges yourself.

The shortcoming and torment are regularly credited to delayed periods of sitting, so you ought to use caution in case you spend a parcel of time sitting at a work area or in a car. But luckily, massages can give you a feel of comfort and relief.


Back Pain 

If back pain is your problem then massage is the answer,

Yes, it’s true, the analysts have found that massage is the foremost successful treatment for diminishing back pain.


Massage treatment has been prescribed for diabetes for over 100 a long time, making a difference to reestablish appropriate use of insulin, and bringing down irritation.

Helps with Depression, Anxiety & Fatigue

Anxiety and Depression issues have been the most discussed topics in previous years. Massages are recommended to help lower the stress level, eradicate depression and improve fatigue. Depression alone leads to muscle pressure and torment which can be exceptionally difficult to live with on a regular basis.

Improves Posture

Sitting before a computer all day or standing on your feet persevering hour of manual labor can cause pressure within the neck and back. This will result in poor posture. Massages can offer assistance to the body to reinforce healthy developments. Your muscles can unwind and loosen with a massage and permit your body to position itself in a pain-free pose.

Relieves Headaches

Massage regularly makes a difference unwind and de-stress the body.

By centering on the neck, shoulders, and head, massage can diminish the torment and distress brought on by a headache or migraines.

This elective strategy decreases the chances of encountering headaches and migraines essentially by unwinding muscle fits and trigger focuses. It can moreover ease the weight brought on during a headache.

Can Help Lower High Blood Pressure & Improve Blood Circulation

As we all know, better blood circulation is part of the chain reaction that takes place in the body as a result of receiving massage therapy regularly.

Helps with Sound Sleep

Massage can increase serotonin levels, which can offer assistance to people to encounter a good night’s sleep.

Massages are getting to be progressively increasingly well known as individuals are realizing the control restorative benefits that massages ought to offer. Unlike medicines, massages have no long or short-term side-effects. Not only it feels great, but it can also progress your wellbeing and quality of life.


As we have discussed the advantages a massage therapy can offer. Now, let’s take a look at what benefits a massage chair can provide:

No need for an Appointment 

The best part of getting a massage chair is whether you are in a disposition for a massage in the morning or late at night, you can have one. You don’t have to schedule or plan your massage sessions, as you would in case you need a human professional.

Multiple Massage Techniques

Most massage chairs offer a variety of massage techniques. Also, you can set speed and intensity.

So, when buying a massage chair your priority should be a massage chair having several massage techniques.

Lower Back Relief

Nowadays, most people sit in front of a computer all day and develop back pain.

Most of the massage chairs have features specially designed to relieve lower back pain.

Some of them might use rollers and airbags to give a great massage in your lower back, while some massage chairs might use heated pads for better relief.

Comforting effect

And here is the good news for lazy people, you won’t have to get out of your home to get a massage. Also, you can get a massage and still watch your favorite movie and can read your favorite book.

Great Investment

It is only one time investment and cost less than regular visits to get a massage, making it a good investment.

Customizable Massage

Most of the massage chairs have manual massage options, so you can personalize your massage plus you can even set speed, intensity and time of choice.

Spinal Relief and Foot Massage

Some massage chairs utilize several technologies to track your spine. Not only it will soothe back torment, but it’ll moreover extend your vertebrae, giving you great spinal relief.

In the same way, a few massage chairs have extraordinary foot massages to offer.

Stretching Muscle

A few massage chairs have uncommon features that mimic the muscle stretch you’d perform during a yoga session.

A feel of Relaxation

Everyone feels the need to unwind after a tiring day at work.

And massage chair serves best for this purpose.


There are various massages that a massage chair can offer


This feature gives you the replication of the hands of a masseuse as closely as possible! Some of the shiatsu massage chairs include an alternate direction mode so the nodes can change direction for a more satisfying experience.


Described as the “thundering on your back”, so best for the people who love to have rough and deep massages.


It is for the people having knots and wants a massage that is going to work them out then kneading function is the best option.


The most commonly known massage methods help to improve blood circulation and relax muscles.

3D Feature

3D massages offer more depth than a traditional massage. To attain this sense of depth, high-end massage chairs use the combined actions of rollers and airbags. The airbags fill with air, so your whole body is going to be covered by them. Once your body is locked in situ by the airbags, the rollers start to massage your back and less. These sort of massages are more relaxing and more enjoyable than the normal ones.

Massage using Airbags

This feature uses airbags to improve the massage experience. The airbags elective compression and decompression will thrust against your muscles, rubbing them. This feature can be utilized for each zone of your body. The more airbags a massage chair has the way better the encounter. For most massage chairs, you may be able to alter the intensity of the airbags as you like.

Muscle Stretch

Numerous massage chairs offer this feature. These chairs utilize the air compression massage to warm up your muscles and after that, they extend them. You will be shocked to discover out how much your back, arms, and legs can stretch once you lock in the massage chair. Muscle stretch includes, particularly if you don’t have any past involvement with utilizing massage chairs. This feature is great before and/or after a workout. The muscle stretch massage is additionally extraordinary for muscle recovery after a strain or injury.

Spinal Stretch

This may be an incredible feature for individuals who suffer from spinal torment. Your back is stretched so that the weight against your vertebrae is reduced. Due to this, the muscles around your spine are massaged to calm the pain, and it’s improved by the utilization of a zero-gravity feature.

Foot Massages

What’s better than coming home from a tiring day at work and having your feet massage.

The different massage chair offers different types of foot massages. Some use rollers for your feet and airbags for your calves. Some models use the airbags to massage both your feet and calves. And some use rotating discs for your feet, and a few of them will even offer a heated massage feature.

Arm Massages

Arm massages can be exceptionally relaxing. Most massage chairs utilize air compression massages for your arms. A few of them have uncommon pockets that hold your arms whereas the surrounding airbags compress your muscles. Others massage your arms whereas you keep them on the armrests.

Head Massages

Some of the massage chairs offer head massage features. These features will target the muscles on the side of your head, and they can be comforting and soothing.

Hip Massages

Most massage chairs have airbags around your hips, a few models have extraordinary features that particularly target this area. These features are designed for hip pain help, and they compress your muscles with the assistance of the airbags.


The different functions and features of massage chairs are discussed so that you can buy the massaging chair that fits best to your needs.

Shapes – These are of two kinds of shapes:

S Shape – Most massage chairs customarily use an S Shape Track Framework. In case you think of the letter ’S’, usually, the way the massage will run up and down your back, following the curvature of your spine.

L Shape – L Shape chairs use a different massage technique that is running up and down your back but also into the seat underneath you as well, like the letter ‘L’ ,just like S-Shape but also helps to get right into your lower back.

Adjustable Intensity– Some people like rough massage, while others like a soft massage.

The best massage chair is the one that has the adjustable intensity so that every member of the family can customize massage accordingly.

  • Massage Rollers – A few massage chairs, ordinarily the expensive ones, have the rollers to supply a pleasant and comfortable experience. Massage rollers are specially designed to produce an effect of movement of the human hand. The roller activity is very relaxing, and it fortifies your back’s blood circulation.
  • Heat Massage – Warmed massages are an incredible way to completely unwind your muscles. With the assistance of rollers, massage chairs will create warm against your back. Some models utilize cushions, they provide a warmed massage for your feet, which is exceptionally enjoyable and relaxing. Expensive massage chairs will use infrared rollers for the warmed massages. These rollers will cover the full surface of your back, from your neck to your buttocks.
  • Body Scan System – One of the most excellent features which are now accessible for massage chairs, is the body scan technology that will customize the massage for each different client. This technology uses sensors to track the ebb and flow of your spine, and it’ll customize the massage sessions to fit your particular build. This may be an exceptionally great feature to have in a massage chair.

In case you’re shorter, you won’t have the shoulder air cells beating against your neck, and in case you’re taller you won’t have them working on your back rather than the shoulders.

  • Vibration Massage Mode– Whereas high-end massage chairs are uncommonly planned to reach down to your buttocks, lower-end models will only reach as far as your lower back. These models will utilize a vibration seat to relax your buttocks and legs’ muscles.
  • Zero Gravity – The zero gravity feature is usually present in high-end massage chairs. When you use this feature, the massage chair will recline and place your body in a position where it doesn’t have to sustain its weight, similar to what zero gravity does in space.

Not only this, but some massage chairs also have multiple stages of zero gravity positions. The final stage will raise your legs to a height similar to that of your heart. This will allow your heart to relax a little and work more efficiently for a while.

The zero gravity stages also make the massage better because your whole weight will be distributed across the massage chair. Since your whole weight will be against the chair, you will be able to feel the massage better.

  • Recline – The massaging chairs that don’t have a zero-gravity work ordinarily use a leaning back one. The contrast between the two functions is that your bodyweight won’t be completely bolstered by the chair when you’re using a chair with a basic lean back function. Your legs won’t be lifted to a comparable height with that of your heart. Even though this feature isn’t as good as the past one, it’s still unwinding and pleasant. You may most likely appreciate leaning back your chair, turning on the TV and watching whereas the chair massages you back.
  • Acupressure Focuses – Some rub chairs use acupressure focuses to improve their massages. The acupressure focuses will create a grasping feeling, so the message would appear more practical, comparable to that given by a massage professional.


  • Predefined Programs – Predefined programs have distinctive massage methods to give a comforting massage experience. A few of them will stretch your muscles, a few will compress them, whereas others will just offer a delicate caress.
  • Customization – Despite having many predefined programs, you should always go for a massage chair that can be manually customized. This will allow you to create your massage sessions, using your favorite techniques at just the right intensity and speed settings.
  • The material of the Chair – Most massage chairs have a faux leather covering. Indeed the high-end models use faux calfskin, as real leather wouldn’t handle the weight delivered by the airbags and the rollers as well as the fake one does.

The difference is better chairs utilize a thicker layer of calfskin, so they tend to be more solid than the cheaper ones.

  • Easily Accessible – The thing a user loves most about the product is the ease of use. The massage chair’s accessibility is determined by its control panel. Massage chairs should be easy to use, yet some manufacturers have designed them so, these are the massage chairs that come with easy-to-read control panels and are easy to use, and they’re more user-friendly.



LED Lights 

Some massage chairs have LED lights for a more cozy experience. If you want to enjoy a comforting and soothing massage experience, you only have to turn off the other lights in the room and turn on the LED lights. These lights will light up the room, making your experience better.

Remote Control

For increased accessibility and ease some models have remotes too. You can use them to change the massage method, change massage’s intensity and speed, and to turn the chair on or off.

Cup Holder

It might not sound a very great option, but it can be helpful when you use a massage chair. Not only can you use the holder for cups and glasses while you are having a massage, but you can also use it to store the remote control, in this way you won’t misplace it.


Well, who does not want to enjoy while getting a massage?

Well, the good news is a few high-end massage chair models have built-in Bluetooth connectors. These connectors will permit you to connect to any Bluetooth-compatible streaming gadgets and connect them with the chair. Once the gadgets are combined, you’ll be able to tune in to your favorite songs or podcasts straightforwardly through the chair’s speakers.

Silent Operation

Some massage chairs might produce a lot of noise when they’re working. But don’t worry silent feature is also available in some high-end massage chairs. Having a silent massage chair is an advantage because you can still use it even if the other members of your household are sleeping, or they’re busy in activities that require silence, such as reading or studying.

Car Charger

Only for chair pads. Using your device in your car might be important to you, so look for a seat pad that comes complete with an in-car charger.

USB Port

Some chairs come with a USB port so you can charge your mobile device as well as you can your phone while having a massage.

MP3 Player

Some models come with an mp3 player so that you can play your favorite songs.


Some massage chairs are versatile. They weigh less than other models, and they have casters. You’ll be able to utilize the casters to move the chair from one room to another.


Size of Chair

Take a look at how huge the chair is and how it may fit into your living space as they can be huge things. Space-saving designs are accessible.

Weight of Chair

If you a chair that you can easily move then take a look at the weight of the chair as they can be heavy but there are some lightweight options available.

Swivel Base

If you want to use your chair to be your office chair then a swivel base massage chair is perfect the chair turns on a base.

Space Saving

Some massage chairs use a space-saving technique, created to help with smaller living spaces.


It’s worth taking a look at the warranty offered as they vary widely from one chair to another.


While buying a massage chair, you shouldn’t conclude that one model is better than another based on the brand alone. There are several high-quality models delivered by less well-known brands as well. The only thing you ought to truly see out for is the brand’s customer support service. Finding a producer that regards the guarantee and covers the repair costs might spare you cash in the long run.


You should always choose a budget before beginning searching for a massage chair. The cost contrasts between models are pretty expansive, and should not waste time looking at costly models if you are unable to bear them.


Massage chairs have been around for a few decades, and even if some massage chairs are technically advanced, they still work in the same way to the first massage chair created.

Massage chairs provide a soothing experience, but how do they work.

Well, most modern massage chairs combine motors, gears, vibrating instruments, and rollers to supply the finest massage they can. Indeed even though a few principles used in today’s massage chairs are comparable to those utilized within the, to begin with, models, the technology right now used is much more sophisticated.

Since no two massage chair models are identical, producers don’t use the same plans, but a few advances apply to most models.

The best massage chairs take a direct approach to massages. They use different vibrating surfaces to massage your back and legs. To make the essential vibration, the producers frequently utilize small devices containing a weighted gear or wheel.

The weight isn’t properly centered on the gear or wheel, so it’s somewhat uneven. When the engine rotates the gear quickly, the rotation makes the vibration. Each vibrating surface uses at least one gear to create the vibration, some of the time indeed more. The producers need to take care to adjust the chair.

In case you are willing to spend more time on a massage chair, chances are you’re reaching to get one that uses rollers. The rollers recreate the activities of the human hand, and they’re fueled by electric engines.

They move in designs decided by the chair’s basic outline. A few rollers have a restricted extent of movement, and they will as it were able to move up and down your back.

Other rollers are mounted on a mechanical arm, and they have a more extensive run of movement. They will be able to move right or cleared out, and they might indeed be able to pivot, depending on the show.

A chip, stores all the recorded patterns the mechanical arm can make, and you’ll be able to select the predefined development you need it to perform.


Massage chairs are always available for a massage. You just have to sit on it to relax.

But the question is how often you should use the chair, the great news is as much as you need. Each massage session can be advantageous for your body, and more sessions each week might guarantee a speedier recovery and more benefits.


It’s secure to assume you need to use the chair as frequently as conceivable, but you still got to take after a few common rules to make sure you employ it securely.

You ought to pay consideration to the way your body feels after a massage and alter the session appropriately. It’s better to start slow and work your way up than begin difficultly and spend a week complaining around sore muscles.


Unlike other things, when it comes to massages, more is not better. Having long massage sessions can be possibly unsafe. Now, you could be pondering how long it is as well long.

Well, according to the experts, a typical massage session shouldn’t last for more than 15 minutes. All the benefits of the massage chair can be accomplished in this period.

Even if you think that a longer massage can soothe more pain, that’s not necessarily true. A massage session longer than 15 minutes can cause the bruising of your muscle, particularly in case you’ve fair begun utilizing the chair.

This will cause irritation and harm to other tissues as well.

Most massage chairs use a programmed clock to make sure your massage session doesn’t surpass the prescribed 15 minutes.

A few of them use predefined programs that will halt after this time, and others won’t permit you to make a longer customized session.

When your 15-minute massage session is over, it’s prescribed you get up and move around fora couple of minutes.

Do any physical activity as it will expel the toxins your body makes during the massage.


Numerous producers prescribe that pregnant ladies shouldn’t use massage chairs. Their fundamental contention is that a massage chair can conceivably stimulate a few pressure points and accidentally cause premature labor.

In any case, there’s no verification to support this claim. There is no confirmation that the massage chair’s electromagnetic areas are dangerous to the mother or the baby.

Are Massage Chairs Safe To Use While Pregnant?

You ought to always consult your birth care provider before using one. If your pregnancy is high-risk, otherwise you have a few other medical issues, you might not be able to use a massage chair safely.

Massage could be an incredible way to lower your stress levels and unwind your tense muscles during pregnancy. The vibrating massage chairs do great work at reducing your lower back pain and cramps by forces your nearby circulation.

The vibrations are not harmful to the infant. You ought to also be beyond any doubt that doctors might advise you against using a massage chair during the first trimester of the pregnancy when the chance of miscarriage is higher.

If you choose to use a massage chair during your pregnancy, make sure you don’t spend more than 15 minutes in a massage session, to avoid the risk of bruising your muscles.

Massage Chair Features to Avoid While Pregnant:

Despite the truth that massage chairs are considered secure for pregnant women, you need to still avoid utilizing the following features.

Pressure Focuses – The shiatsu knead feature is exceptionally laid out to target some weight centers in your body. Shockingly, pushing several weight centers can lead to untimely labor.

In fact, despite the reality that the changes of the rub chair activating the weight centers competent for premature labor are especially thin, it may well be superior to preserve a vital distance from them.

Heated Massage – You might think this highlight will increment your comfort, but it’ll additionally put your baby’s security at risk. The warmed massage increases your body’s temperature, which can, in turn, convey a spike in your baby’s heart rate.

Benefits Of Using Massage Chairs During Pregnancy

Here are some benefits of using a massage chair while being pregnant.

In pregnancy, it’s normal to have pain in your lower back and legs.

A massage session can help you ease the pain so that you can feel better.

Pregnancy can be a tough period. Your body is going through significant changes, and your hormones are acting up. This may lead to uneasiness and misery. In any case, a great massage session can lower your stretch levels significantly.


Athletes and fieldwork experts who have exceptionally active plans and hard-core hone schedules, discover it nearly impossible to do both. Technology has answered their supplications in the form of mechanical massage chairs.

The high-profile competitors continuously bring their individual masseuse wherever they go, but their houses are continuously restrained by massage chairs that give idealize treatment, particularly to those who are harmed.

Here are some reasons why a massage chair is a must part of an athlete’s life:

Healing Injuries

Athletes tend to get more harm, sprains, and hence they require extraordinary care.

Through a massage chair, harmed muscles are stimulated slowly so that they can repair. It makes a difference in keeping tendons and ligaments supple and free through vibration.

If you need to be at your best from the very start of your performance without having any extra stress on your muscles which will cause wounds, taking a decent body massage will help relax your body and pump up the bloodstream.

Since the chair is continually in vibration, it consequently makes a difference in planning your mind for the big event ahead of you by preparing your muscles.

In this manner, after you go out on the field, this will immediately boost your performance.

Improved Blood Circulation

Massage chairs can keep damage at bay, by making a difference your cells recover more rapidly.

Whether you got harmed on the field, or just feel sore after an intense workout, massage chairs speed up recovery time, by expanding blood stream to the regions that require it.

That quickened oxygen and nutrient renewal to cells help your body feel and perform way better, on a quicker timeline.

Increased Flexibility

Flexible athletes are less likely to induce harm. When muscles and joints are sore and solid, they don’t perform ideally and this makes them more vulnerable to ripping, tearing, or pulling.

A massage chair extricates up the areas damaged by physical action, to get them back in tip-top shape before another workout. Steady utilize of massage chairs leads to way better performance, as athletes increment their muscle flexibility.

Eliminating Toxins

By accelerating our muscles, a massage chair makes a difference in flushing out the poisons that might wear our bodies out and boost our immune system.

We tend to get sweat-soaked during the top hours of our workout or sports schedules. That’s since our body gets itself prepared to release the harmful poisons by means of sweat.

A whole-body massage chair does the same by improving the health of the lymph system, which helps in discharging of poisons.

Post-Workout Relaxation 

After being at the gym for hours, practicing for hours along with your coach or walking the areas for long hours as a portion of your work, the most excellent treat for your body is the session with your massage chair.

It can give controlled massage to your body and permit you to relax and recover from your extreme work out.

A fifteen-minute deep massage with you every night before going to bed will help you get a moment and peaceful sleep.


Now, the question is where can we put our massage chair?

According to specialists, it would be better to put the massage chair in a room you don’t have TVs, Computer or media streaming, such as a bedroom or an office.

So that you can get in touch with your inner self more peacefully.

Some massage chairs also have other features that can help you enjoy the massage more, such as LED lights. The lights alter their color during the massage session, lighting up the room. Giving a soothing massage experience.

Whether you plan on putting the massage chair in front of the TV, or you need to put it in your room, here’s what you ought to keep in mind.

Space Issue

Massage chairs are huge control consumers, so they require their own control outlet. In case you intend to utilize an expansion line, make beyond any doubt you utilize a heavy-duty one.

It Shouldn’t Remain In Direct Daylight 

Massage chairs shouldn’t be put specifically under the daylight. Long exposures to daylight might cause the upholstery to break down and crack.

Reclining Massage Chairs Require Clearance

You must take into consideration, the clearance the massage chair needs before you put it in someplace. Without the necessary clearance, the rub chair won’t be able to recline. Usually genuine for all models, including those with zero gravity feature.


As massage chairs are made up of faux leather it needs to be treated delicately and cleaned delicately to guarantee it remains in great shape. To make sure you clean the chair completely, pay the foremost attention to the zones that come into contact with uncovered skin and hair as well as the seat since this zone can get sweaty through your clothing. You’ll ordinarily need to center on the arm, neck, and head ranges.

To clean the chair:

  • If you’ll remove any of the upholstery or pads, do so. This will help you to clean those regions, and in case needed, get into the corners and cleft underneath.
  • Clean those pieces altogether away from the chair.
  • Clean any dirt or animal hair within the nooks and crannies.
  • When your chair is made with natural or fragile materials, utilize a mellow cleanser with water to clean the surface. Don’t use acidic arrangements. Using a shower bottle is best. That way you won’t risk soaking any of the texture, and it’ll dry speedier.
  • After spraying, rub the texture dry using a damp cloth. Don’t let the cleaner dry on the chair. It could take off spots or damage the product. In the event that you are doing to see any spots, rub them away with the damp cloth.
  • Allow the chair to dry and don’t put a bit that’s still damp back on the chair.
  • With everything dry, you’ll be able to replace all the pieces, and you’re great to go!

If your chair doesn’t require as intensive a cleaning, fair run a damp cloth over the complete thing and let it dry. This will work as an appropriate in-between-cleanings step to keep your chair in great condition.


A massage chair could be a big investment that’s for sure. Most of the best massage chairs cost at least $1,000 to $2,500, and a few high-end chairs cost up to $8,000.

Massage chairs aren’t cheap, but not one or the other are proficient massages. If you plan to use a massage chair instead of going to the spa, this buy seems to spare you cash within the long run.


Can Massage chair hurt you?

Yes, but only in the beginning, it can cause a few mild to moderate pain. Usually ordinarily because muscles in your body are not used to being manipulated. This could result in a few gentle soreness and inconvenience instantly taking after a massage.

Is buying a massage chair worth it?

Yes, buying a massage chair is unquestionably worth the investment if you're going to utilize it most of the time. But buying it and just utilizing it barely a few times per month is not worth the investment. If you merely require a hand massage habitually, get this instead.

Are Zero Gravity chairs worth it?

Zero gravity chairs have gotten to be increasingly well known for the level of comfort they give, but they are too advantageous to your health. These chairs can decrease weight on the spine, this weight can cause back pain after a long day of difficult work or sitting in an office chair.

How long will a massage chair last?

The more you care around something the more it'll last. Massage Chairs can last 15 to 20 years. Whereas it would be incredible in case that tenure was without repairs, but the reality is that every chair will need parts upgraded over time.

Can you sleep in a massage chair?

The answer is no. Sleeping on a massage chair is not a good idea because when you want to sleep, the moment your body needs to change its position, it will be virtually impossible.

Does the massage chair use a lot of electricity?

Massage chairs use on average between 150 watts and 300 watts, depending on the brand and the massage chair that is selected. Their power consumed is similar to a computer.

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